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Interactive whiteboard

It is a way to create a green classroom environment, in combination with an advanced multi-media software solution. It makes users enjoy and increase efficiency of teaching and learning.
Interactive Whiteboard system consist of a computer, a projector and the whiteboard, it gets access to a normal computer through a USB cable, and projector connected with computer (notebook or desk computer) through a VGA cable. By USB cable, touch and mobile information from the board can be transferred by click and movement of mouse and displayed on the board at real time.
An interactive whiteboard (IWB), is a large interactive display that connects to a computer.
A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface where users control the computer using a pen, finger, stylus or other device.
They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional coaching, in broadcasting studios and others.
Allows the user to write and create complex learning objects, geometrical shapes.
Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with your fingers. This kind of free image manipulation will also keep audiences from getting bored.
Zoom in and out any portion of the screen, for example: Maps, Diagrams, Charts, etc, for better understanding and clarity.
Allows the user to record and save the writing progress and language.
The user could import / export files like Power-point presentations, enhance the content by easily integrating a picture from the internet, a graph from a spreadsheet or text from a Microsoft Word file etc. By software or program, all click, mobile and writing information will be displayed on the board at real time.

Technical Parameters



Cursor Speed

Around 180d/s

Writing Stylus

Finger, wand or any other opaque objects

Projection ratio

4:3, 16:9, 16:10

Positioning Accuracy

Typical accuracy<1mm

Working condition

Under sun, indoor & outdoor

5 meters USB cable

2.0 USB Connect the Computer and interactive whiteboard wireless connection

Viewing Angle

170° left & right 160° up & down

Operating System

Windows, Linux, Android, MAC


78” (4:3)

Length: 1755

Width:  1262

Commercial Terms:

Providing fixing of one smart class room – Rs.1.25 lac

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